A Time Exposure to God

“I have heard this twice::strength belongs to God.” Psalm 62:11


Good morning Clyde’s Chapel and surrounding communities. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. It is ineffective to present our requests to God before pausing to reflect on His unchanging adequacy and sufficiency. One reason why Jesus directed us to use the words “Our Father in Heaven” was to encourage us to focus our gaze on a God who is unaffected by the restrictions and limitations of earth and who dwells in a place where the resources never run dry.
Those who plunge into the areas of petition and intercession before reflecting on the abundant resources that lie in God will find their praying ineffective. They are praying contrary to God’s pattern. As the poet says:
However, I wonder if, more often than not, we haven’t given ourselves “a heart lame, and unlikely for the large events” because we rush into God’s presence to present our petitions before taking stock of our spiritual resources.
God offers us infinite resources for the asking and the taking–Himself. The first moments of prayer, therefore, should be contemplative, reflective, meditative. As we gaze upon God and His infinite resources, we take, as someone put it, “a time exposure to God.” His adequacy and sufficiency are printed indelibly (that which cannot be erased) upon us. No matter, then , what difficulties and problems face us–He is more than a match for them. The vision of His greatness puts the whole of life into its proper perspective. “We kneel, how weak–we rise, how full of power.”
Listen to me neighbor, when David’s faith was challenged, he found rest by recalling God’s Word and believing what God said. When he could not see God at work, he chose to trust God and to wait quietly for Him to do all He had promised. Let me make a statement folks::”Believing what we cannot see is the very essence of faith.” Let’s pray…”Father God, I am so thankful that Your resources are so near at hand. I reflect on Your greatness and Your wonder in the depths of my heart, and my praying takes on new strength and power; I am so grateful You died for me on Calvary’s Tree and shed Your blood to cover our sins. Thank you Jesus for loving us, for it is in Your Precious name I pray, Amen…

Dr. Kenneth Benton

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