Commit to Jesus

The most important decision a person can make in their lifetime is the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The Bible makes it clear in Romans 3:23 that all people are sinners. We have all told lies, stolen things, disobeyed parents or broken God’s Commandments in other ways. There is no way a righteous God could let sinners like us into heaven. The Bible says in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death. We have failed so miserably in our lives that we deserve death. However, God saw our hopeless condition and provided a gift to change things. Romans 5:8 says that even while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ died for us. God sent His Son to take the penalty for our sin and at the same time gave us righteousness. It is not something we deserve, but because of God’s grace we can be forgiven.

Commit to Clyde's Chapel

The way to join Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church is by profession of faith and baptism by immersion. We invite new believers to come forward at the end of the worship service to publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior. Baptism will be scheduled another Sunday, giving the new member the opportunity to invite family and friends to be a part of the special event.

Another way to join Clyde’s Chapel is by transfer of letter from another Baptist church. Those joining in this manner come forward at invitation time and present themselves to the pastor to become new members. The church clerk will fill out information and write to the former church asking them to send membership to our church.

Those who join Clyde’s Chapel having membership in another denomination may come by Statement of Faith. This is giving testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to become part of the church family here. Those who have not been baptized by immersion would be baptized at a later date. The former church would be notified about your new church family.

Our church is always excited to have new people come and join our fellowship. If you have discovered us on the web, now come visit us in person. Connect with us at CCBC and be a part of our church family.


We believe prayer is the key for any effective work the church may do. It is our desire that every member be dedicated to spend time with God in prayer. We regularly pray for church family members and friends who are sick. We pray for those who need Jesus Christ as Savior and for those who are unchurched. We pray for missionaries on a regular basis. The service men and women of our country are lifted up to the Lord often. We ask God to bring revival to our church and a spiritual awakening to our country. America needs to return to the spiritual foundations that made us great as a nation. We ask you to join us to pray for our church, our country and our world.


Giving is an essential part of worship. God has given so much to us in the gift of His Son and we should gladly be willing to give back to Him. We need to give our time and we should also give from the material blessings God has bestowed upon us. Our church sometimes uses fund raisers to take care of different projects, but the primary way of supporting our church is through the tithes and offerings of our members and others who attend. We urge you to join with us in supporting the work of our Lord at Clyde’s Chapel and around the world through our mission giving.


Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church is responsible before God for telling people about Jesus. Not only do we preach and teach about the Lord, but we encourage our members to talk with friends, co-workers and neighbors about their need for Jesus Christ. People need the Lord and they need someone who loves them enough to tell them how to be saved. Will you commit yourself to talk with at least one person this year about Jesus?


We believe that every member of the church should be serving God in some way. God has given each person a spiritual gift that He wants to be used in His service. The church functions best when the members discover their gift and willingly put it to use by helping out in the ongoing ministries of the church. Our nominating committee should never have to beg people to serve the Lord. God has done so much for us and we should be eager to work for Him as a way to show Him our thankfulness for His blessings in our lives. Commit yourself to serve at Clyde’s Chapel within various mission projects we do throughout the year.