Four Simple Words

“The woman … went into town, and told the men, ‘Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did!'” John 4:28-29

Good morning, Clyde’s Chapel and surrounding neighbors. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.
In the true Christian heart, sharing is instinctive. What was the instinct of the woman at the well as soon as she had received salvation? It was to share what she had found with others.
What am I saying will cause some people to feel guilty, especially those who do not find it easy to share their faith. It is not that we should go out and accost everyone we meet with the message of salvation, but we do need to be alert for every opportunity and to take advantage of it.
The four words which most succinctly (Briefly) summarize the gospel are each found in the Scripture passage before us today. They are these::”come..see…went…told.” We get a firsthand knowledge– “come and see”–and then the instinctive impulse takes over–“go and tell.” And if there is no “go and tell” impulse, then perhaps the “come and see” impulse is not ours, or at least it has ceased to hold a commanding place in our lives.
Listen to me neighbor, let’s look at this woman for a moment. There was the proclamation that Jesus was the Messiah. Note the tender, yet meaningful statement: “the woman then left her waterpot,” She was very excited. The Messiah had confronted her, she had actually met Him, and He had met the need of her heart and life. She had to tell everyone about Him. Neighbor , she was excited about what Jesus had done for her. Look at the strength of her witness. She was an outcast from society, had no friends because of the immoral life she had lived. However, meeting the Messiah changed all that. He dealt with her sin and shame. She could now face everyone. They, too, must have the opportunity to meet the Messiah. Someone said, “I had a real experience with God and refused to share it with anyone, so it died.” How sad. Don’t let this happen to you. share the good news with someone. Let your life in Christ Jesus be LUMINOUS: be a sower and sow the seed of the love of God. Our powers are either dead or dedicated. If they are dedicated, they are alive with God. If they are saved up or conserved, they die.
Lets pray: O Father. I ask not for an experience of You–I already have that, I ask rather for the courage to share with others. Give me some seed today, and help me sow it in prepared hearts. Thank You for dying on an old rugged cross for me, and the shedding of your precious blood to cover my sin. in Jesus name I Pray..Amen!!

Dr. Kenneth Benton

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