The Great Triune God

“The Word became flesh and took up residence among us.” John 1:14

The Great Triune God

Good morning folks and all of the surrounding communities. This is the day the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.
Dr. W.E. Sangster tells the story of following three children out of church. One remarked to the others:”I can’t understand all this ‘Three in One and One in Three’ business.”
“I can’t either,” said another child, “I think of it like this; my mother is Mummy to me, she is Mabel to Daddy, and Mrs. Douglas to lots of other people.”
Is that the answer? Is it just a question of names? Are we right in finding the doctrine of the Trinity in the text of Matthew 28:19, where the word “name” is singular, but three names are given–Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
No, that is just it; there is much more to it than that. God, we know, is one God. But there stepped into the world someone who claimed also to be God. His name was Jesus. He forgave sins, claimed to have existence before Abraham, and accepted worship as His right. Worship, remember, is for God alone . After Jesus was resurrected and returned to heaven, he sent back the Holy Spirit, who was also seen as God (2 Cor. 13:13) . He –The Holy Spirit–came into the disciples and brought with Him the Godhead, breaking the sin in their nature, pleading in prayer, and exalting the Savior.
Thus we see God is One but also Three in One; God above us, God among us, God within us, The Father in Majesty, the Son in suffering, the Spirit in striving. This is the central mystery of our most holy faith. Together, and with all our hearts, let us adore the great Triune God.
Listen to me neighbor, the Son of God was actually made flesh, He came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. This is a staggering thought. Jesus Christ is God–fully God, yet Jesus Christ is man–fully man. There is no room whatever for saying that God becoming man was merely a vision of some man’s mind or imagination. John was saying that he and others actually saw the Word made flesh. Jesus Christ was beyond question God Himself who became man, who partook of the very same flesh as all other men. You may say, Preacher, I don’t understand it. Bless God, I don’t either, But I believe it enough that Jesus died for my sins and yours.
Lets pray: “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, though I cannot comprehend Your essential oneness and unity, I can worship You nevertheless. This I do now, in humble adoration. Glory, honor, and power be unto Your name forever and ever. Thank you for dying for me and the shedding of Your Precious blood to cover my sin. In Jesus Precious Name I pray, Amen…

Dr. Kenneth Benton

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